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All our prices include VAT and the prices will be highly competitive. We stock a large number of spare parts for our boats, and have the experience and expertise to advise and supply correctly. Please be aware that the images shown may differ slightly from the product supplied as the manufacturers reserve the right to modify or improve the design or definition of their products at any time, without any prior notification and no retroactive effect on the boats built previously.


Waveline Lightweight 2.40M With Airdeck
WAS 479.99
NOW 389.00
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Waveline Lightweight 2.80M With Airdeck
WAS 635.99
NOW 460.00
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WavEco 230M Solid Transom Slatted Floor
WAS 399.99
NOW 315.00
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WavEco 260M Solid Transom Slatted Floor
WAS 469.99
NOW 379.00
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Waveline 4M Sports Boat Aluminium Floor
WAS 1149.99
NOW 999.00
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Waveline Dinghy Wheels
WAS 67.99
NOW 44.95
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Waveline Premium 2.30M Slatted Floor
WAS 474.99
NOW 399.00
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Waveline Premium 2.30M V Hull Airdeck
WAS 499.99
NOW 429.00
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Waveline Premium 2.70M Slatted Floor
WAS 569.99
NOW 489.00
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Waveline Premium 2.70M V Hull Airdeck
WAS 639.99
NOW 549.00
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Waveline Premium 2.90M V Hull Airdeck
WAS 749.99
NOW 645.00
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Waveline Premium 3.20M V Hull Airdeck
WAS 799.99
NOW 685.00
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Waveline VIB 270
WAS 799.99
NOW 670.00
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Waveline VIB 310
WAS 899.99
NOW 750.00
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