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The patented Smart Tabs are a one of a kind trim and stabilizers system that automatically adjusts to the sea conditions, without the need for expensive electric hydraulic hardware and switches. The system constantly reacts to the water conditions, boat speed and balance providing a remarkable improvement on any boat. The new SX Series incorporates all of the fully automatic features of the original stainless steel systems enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers since 1999.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Self adjusting
  • 5 Tuning adjustments for maximum performance
  • 50% Less bow lift
  • 11% Better fuel economy 
  • Suitable for all types of boats

Performance - 10% more speed 15% quicker acceleration

  • Smoother and faster acceleration - great for skiing
  • 50% Less bow lift and 35% lower on plane speed - great for tubing
  • More top speed and no porpoising or chine walking
  • Improves fuel economy, handling and smoother ride in any water


  • Assembly and mounting requires a drill, 3/16" bit and a Phillips screwdriver
  • The integral design eliminates the need for wrenches
  • All components lock together with the self locking clevis pins


  • Thermo Mold Co polymer composite materials provides superior strength and resilience for any rough water situation. Rust and corrosion are also eliminated so there is no need for anodes.

Available in different sizes for boat length and engine horsepower - see drop down below for ordering  



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SX9510 SX Smart Tabs (Weight 4.00Kg) 169.99

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