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Quicksilver Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer

Quicksilver Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer















Add Quickstor fuel system treatment and stabilizer to fuel before long-term boat storage to: -

  • Prevent regular and ethanol-blended fuel from breaking down and oxidizing
  • Stabilize fuel for up to one year
  • Prevent fuel system corrosion
  • Prevent gum and varnish from forming in the fuel and settling in fuel lines and tanks, carburettors and injectors
  • Keep injectors and carburettors lubricated
  • 40 ml treats 25 litres of fuel - 355 ml bottles treats 227 litres of fuel 
  • Use in all 2 and 4 cycle carbureted and fuel injected gasoline engines including cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles, marine engines, lawn mowers, chain saws, string trimmers and snow blowers. safe for catalysed engines

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92-8M0079745 Quicksilver Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer (Weight 0.50Kg) 14.00

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